Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pastors Back Full Time

Pastors Gwyneth and Jamie have just returned this week to full time after the birth of their 3rd child in January. The pastors thank the district superintendent and our Staff Parish Committee for their work in obtaining an interim pastor, and to Bishop Cliff Ives for his ministry as interim. Also many thanks to the laity who served in new ways while the pastors were on leave!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Leadership Covenant Group Starting

The pastors will be co-leading a Leadership Covenant Group during Lent on Mondays at 7pm as an opportunity for those in leadership or considering becoming more active to grow together in our following Christ. We will be working through the book Devotional Life in the Wesleyan Tradition. Please see the pastors if you are interested in joining.

New Adult Sunday School Class

A New Adult Sunday School Study will be led by Pastor Jamie for Lent, beginning March 4th. We will be studying the Elsworth Kalas book, Seven Words to The Cross. Invite a friend to come with you 9AM Sunday mornings.

Taize Prayer and Meditation Sundays 6pm

During Lent, the Gathering contemporary worship service will change in location and style. We will be practicing Taize Prayer and meet in the sanctuary. Taize Prayer is a service of scripture, prayer, prayerful song and silent meditation. If you feel led to help with childcare, please let the pastors know. Otherwise there will be none available.

Good $ense leads to Success

Good $ense Course a Success
On February 23 and 24, Peoples teamed with the New England United Methodist Foundation to sponsor a Good $ense Personal Financial Management course. While the program had been well advertised, folks who had a close association with Peoples primarily attended the course. Mr. and Mrs.Curtis Schubert had read about the program on the NEUMC Catalyst and joined this class as part of a mini-vacation. The course, which originally was encouraged by Shirley Wallace, brought Gary Melville, the Director of the Development for the Foundation to Peoples as the instructor. In addition to the Schuberts the following folks were actively engaged in the program; Madolyn Dalpee,
Priscilla Dreyman, Betty Lane, Barbara Lee, Tom and Barbara Nelson, Keith and Becky Snoddy, Art and Marlene Tordoff, and Fred and Linda Wade. Two other folks were not in attendance, but received the workbook. Those in attendance were grateful to Rosemary Herd for coordinating food for the occasion. Attendees also thank Brad Morrision, Barbara Nelson and Marlene Tordoff for supplying some of the food.
The program focused on six themes, which included the following: becoming a diligent earner, a generous giver, a wise saver, a cautious debtor and a prudent consumer. As a sixth theme participants were given and shown a number of practical ways of being accountable or good stewards of what the Lord has provided each of us. While the program appealed to the personal nature of the subjects, the course itself allowed for friendships among participants to build. Much was shared about each other and the various locations that we are at on our life journeys.
While not everyone gained the same as each other during the program, all who attended came away from the experience positively and willing to recommend the program to others of any age. Most of those that participated, I’m sure, felt that while everyone deemed the experience very helpful, the program would best perhaps meet the needs of folks that are just getting started in adult life and through the middle age years.
As a spin off of this program Discipleship may, with the NEUMC sponsor a program on estates and wills in the fall. If that is an area of interest please indicate your interest in such a program to the Pastors or a member of the Discipleship team such as Art Tordoff, Rosemary Herd, Earle Harvey or Merrill Kaiser.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

March Birthdays and Anniversaries


1 Albert (Bert) Marston
4 Danny French
Leah Greer
7 Isaac Dunn
Linda Greer
Stephanie Wells
9 Barbara Lee
12 Jamie Lupien
Justin Obie
15 William Dawson
16 William James
17 Charles Lyons
22 Malcolm Cass
Clinton Roberts
26 Tommy Johnson
Pamela Vatsinaris
28 Michelle Greer


8 Keith & Rebecca (Becky) Snoddy
25 Merrill & Patricia Kaiser

Morning Worship Ministries for March

Art Tordoff
Charlie Lyons

3/4 Sharon and Paul Obie
3/11 Becky and Keith Snoddy
3/18 Barbara Nelson
3/25 Barbara Kenney

Nursery Care
3/4 Barbara Nelson & Jennifer Nelson
3/11 Betty Splettstoesser & Ellen Dunn
3/18 Andy Folley & Pastor Jamie
3/25 Linda Greer & Leah Greer

Dan Doughty

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cluster Lenten Services

Casco Bay Cluster prepares for Lenten Season

The Lenten season of cluster Lenten services begins with the Ash Wednesday service to be held at Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church at 7:00 PM, February 21. Messages for the series center around The Beatitudes. Reverand David Calhoun of the West Scarborough United Methodist Church will deliver the first message in the series.
Looking ahead at the churches and pastors who will lead on succeeding Wednesday nights are the following:
February 28: West Scarborough led by Pastor David Nicol
March 7: West Buxton led by Reverand Ruth Morrison
March 14: Thornton Heights led by Pastor Jamie Arrison
March 21: Peoples United Methodist led by Reverend Gene Koelker
March 28: First Methodist led by Reverend Lynne Campbell

April 6: 12:00 Noon Good Friday service at Elm Street

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

International Extravaganza Coming To Peoples

International Extravaganza planned
On the evening of Friday, March 23, 2007 the Discipleship committee of Peoples United Methodist Church which links lay leadership with Christian Education and Mission are sponsoring an International Supper and Entertainment. This event is interactive and the attendees from Peoples will be asked to bring a casserole or dessert that will be developed from the international recipes that Kevin Malcom had collected through his association with Circle of Friends. Rosemary Herd will have those recipes available beginning on March 4. The evening’s entertainment following the 5:45 meal will provide those who attend with the opportunity to virtually experience a short-term mission to any of several locations. We will experience through a number of folks who have already taken short-term missions what life was like for them in exotic locations like Nicaragua, Ecuador, Ghana, Kosovo, Tanzania and Russia. Some of the locations may not seem to be exotic, but come and experience what folks did to prepare for such missions, what they experienced while there and how those mission experiences may have changed the participants’ lives. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to hear one person who has begun an international business, in part, resulting from his short-term mission experience. You may even find at least one of the presenters who may share their experience while engaged in a short-term mission within the borders of the United States. Presenters will not only speak about their experiences, but will display pictures and objects that represent the cultures that they experienced. We might add that this is an event for all ages as those who have agreed to present run the gamut from the teen years to their 60's. No kidding!
Please set aside the date of this event and be prepared to eagerly prepare to share food that you lovingly prepare while remembering the contributions of Kevin Malcom in our understanding of people of other cultures and lands.
If you have friends and family, and we all do, invite them to come with you and enjoy an exciting evening together! If you feel you will need transportation in order to attend please inform the Pastors or Art Tordoff, Rosemary Herd, Earle Harvey and Merrill Kaiser.